Batchley Events

We support children with Special Educational Needs and Speech and Language Difficulties throughout settings in Redditch, Bromsgrove and Kidderminster.

As part of the Local Offer to Schools and Nurseries, Worcestershire has appointed Batchley First School as the commissioned provider for Outreach for the children in Batchley Nursery Plus, Redditch Early Years Language Class, Bromsgrove Early Years Language Class and Kidderminster Early Years Language Class.


  • Enable children with speech and language difficulties and learning disabilities to be supported in the early years setting with expert advice and continuity of care.
  • Ensure that settings are inclusive of children with speech and language difficulties and learning disabilities.
  • Offer advice, training and resources, where required, to help maintain access to a full curriculum.

Supporting Children

The outreach service will support children in their mainstream settings.

BOAT supports children and their settings by:

  • Invitation to Nursery Staff to visit Specialist Class sessions.
  • Visits to partner Nursery.
  • Advice.
  • Assessments.
  • Reasonably priced staff training.

All Nurseries are invited to benefit from this joint way of sharing expertise and working by:

  • Visits Specialist Class sessions.
  • Assessments in order to enable entry to Pre-school Forum.
  • Reasonably priced staff training.

The Training sessions will be run by professionals including Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists.

All Upcoming B.O.A.T Events

  • 8Jan
    Interactive Practice in the Early YearsA course for all Nursery Practitioners and SENCOs who would like to find ways to manage the learning of children with Special Needs in their setting. Please feel free to bring your own practice to share and ask let us know if there are any questions which you would like answers to before the session!£0.00Book your Place
  • 25Jan
    Programming in Scratch (Key Stage 2)This practical session looks at how the free Scratch online program can be used to meet many of the requirements of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for Computing. Includes: - Suggestions of progression of teaching Scratch across Key Stage 2 - Detailed look at building different projects in Scratch with pupils - Assessment guidance - Cross-curricular activity ideas Please bring a Windows or Mac laptop £10.00Book your Place
  • 1Feb
    Programming in Kodu (Upper Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2)Introduce pupils to programming in Microsoft Kodu to develop early Computer Science skills, introduce key Computing vocabulary and links with other curriculum areas. Please bring a Windows Laptop with Kodu installed if possible. £5.00Book your Place
  • 8Feb
    An Introduction to the iPad in Primary Education- Key Stage 1 and 2 Teachers and schools new to iPads can explore the massive potential the iPad has across all parts of the Primary Curriculum. Includes training by an Apple Distinguished Educator on: - Teaching with an iPad - Movie creation - Ebook creation - Assessment - Hundreds of lesson activity ideas and pupil work examples demonstrated Please bring an iPad. An app list will be sent out to attendees. £15.00Book your Place
  • 1Mar
    Digital Technology in Early Years EducationThis session looks at how the digital technology can be used in Early Years education to: - Create bespoke interactive activities - Meet the requirements of the Early Years Goals - Capture and share evidence of learning £10.00Book your Place
  • 8Mar
    Key Stage 1 Computer Science This workshop demonstrates how the Computer Science aspect of the Key Stage 1 Computing Curriculum can be taught and assessed using a range of free resources. Please bring a laptop or iPad if possible. £10.00Book your Place
  • 15Mar
    Blogging and Podcasting - Key Stage 1 and 2This session explores how blogging and podcasting can be used across the whole school to communicate learning to the wider community, provide purpose to writing and develop important e-safety skills. Please bring a laptop or iPad if possible. £5.00Book your Place
  • 22Mar
    The Microbit, Makey Makey Board and Raspberry Pi in Primary Computing - Key Stage 2 (1.5 Hours)Experience first hand how the physical devices can used to meet many of the requirements of the Key Stage 2 Primary Computing Curriculum. Please bring a laptop or Android/iPad Phone/Tablet £10.00Book your Place
  • 29Mar
    Teaching HTML Programming to Upper Key Stage 2Extend pupils with introducing text-based programming languages to start building web-pages in HTML. A windows or Mac laptop is required for this session. £10.00Book your Place